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Who We Are

Office of Research, Transition, & Application (ORTA) is a headquarters office within the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), falling under the Deputy Assistant Administrator (DAA) for Science. Even though ORTA resides within OAR, ORTA and all its offices serve all of NOAA. Our partner office supporting the DAA for Science is the Office of Science Support (OSS)

Our Mission

Accelerating and facilitating the transition of R&D within NOAA to operations, applications, commercialization, and other uses.

Our Objectives

  • Developing and implementing policies that guide and manage transition
  • Reporting on transitions
  • Supporting the development of transition plans

Who Makes Up ORTA


  • Updates on the Mayflower Autonomous Ship

    Working in tandem with scientists and other autonomous vessels, MAS provides a flexible and cost-effective platform for deepening understanding of critical issues such as climate change, ocean plastic pollution and marine mammal conservation.